Over and out: the 9 style trends to retire in 2014

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Over and out: the 9 style trends to retire in 2014
Riiiiight. Because the problem with sneakers was that they were actually comfortable.
At least braces straighten your teeth.
What's the opposite of flattering? Oh right—these.
Not advised unless your style is best described as "college kid shuffling through airport."
Further proof that there is nothing real about the Housewives.
Or you could just strap chopping blocks to your feet.
As disturbing to the fashion lobby as they are to the animal-rights one.
They're big, they're bulbous, and no one really knows what's inside: They're the UFOs of hairstyling!
There are exceptions. Pro volleyball players and eight-year-olds come to mind.
Most regrettable trends come with warning signs: Do your teeth set off metal detectors? Are your lashes prone to tangling? Are your shoes ugly and uncomfortable?

Click through the gallery above to see this year's crop of bad fads.

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