Trends we love: midi and first knuckle rings

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In the past few years, we've seen jewelry trends transition from big and bold statement pieces (that we definitely still love) to small, dainty, and detail-oriented pieces. It's time to put away your stack of bracelets and start stacking rings-midi and first knuckle rings are perhaps the most of-the-moment adornment we can think of.

Midi rings can be worn on any finger-it's just important to get the size right. Since these are worn closer to the end of the finger (and will feel a bit unnatural at first) you want to make sure they're snug but not constricting. And yes, we said they. This is a trend to pile on-many on one finger or some on almost every finger, or both!

If you're unsure about the midi ring, you can take the style for a spin without breaking the bank-Bauble Bar, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters all have plenty of dainty little rings for under $20. For those ready to dig in with both hands (ha), Fine by Dannijones, Tomtom Jewelry and Catbird all make hand-crafted, investment-worthy first knuckle rings. (We should note that Catbird was one of the key forces in making midi rings popular; their in-house bands are wildly popular.)

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