Contributor Beauty Awards: Meet the judges

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At StyleList, we're always testing and trying out the latest beauty products, but sometimes, there's just so much stuff (Wrinkle-reducing pillowcases! Illuminating self-tanners!), that we can't possibly do it all ourselves.

So, we called in for reinforcement from the best source we know -- our Contributor Network, which encompasses the best fashion and beauty blogs out there. When it comes to beauty, these girls have seen and tried it all too, so they're naturally who decided to trust as judges for our first-ever beauty awards.

The StyleList Contributor Beauty Awards are based off of some of our personal favorite products and brands -- our editors brainstormed a list of their top product picks in makeup, hair, skin, and nails, and then asked our contributors to help us choose the very best of the best.

While the results won't be final for two more weeks, we thought we'd introduce you to our panel of judges now anyway. If Instagram is any indication, they've been hard at work testing their samples over the past month -- see here and here for a little sneak peak.

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