Rashida Jones launches jewelry line

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Rashida Jones may not have retained everything she learned in fourth grade, but she can tell you with certainty that her teacher, Miss Terhagen, always wore a gold pineapple anklet. That grade-school memory made it into Fine by Dannijones, the actress's collection of pendants, anklets, ear cuffs, and rings featuring four motifs: a pineapple, a palm tree, a unicorn, and a triple arrow. The pieces, done in collaboration with sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder of Dannijo, will be sold on Dannijo.com starting in mid-November.

For those familiar with the Snyders' oversize necklaces and arm-party baubles, the delicate charms may come as a bit of a surprise; this departure from house style is the result of Jones' West Coast influence. "In L.A., it's harder to wear statement jewelry," the actress says. "You want stuff that's second-skin-y-that you never take off." After meeting the sisters last year through a friend, Jones floated the idea of a fine-jewelry capsule, and the line germinated during bicoastal Skype sessions. Says Jones, "Having just made a film that took four years [Celeste and Jesse Forever], I was delighted by how quickly it came together."

It's easy to tell that Jones has sisters of her own (jewelry designer Kidada and 20-year-old Kenya, an aspiring model) when she banters with Danielle and Jodie like an honorary member of the family. Today, sitting in their light-filled Meatpacking District showroom in New York, they pile on jewelry and brainstorm potential names for each piece. First up is the palm tree, a nod to the Snyders' Florida origins. "How do you mesh the words Florida and California together?" asks Danielle. "Floridafornia?" hazards Jones. "That's disgusting. It sounds like ipecac. Palm of your hand? Nah, that's a nail color for Essie." Next is the unicorn charm. As Jones puts it, "For our generation, little girls and unicorns were kind of synonymous. It feels like it's making a comeback. Like the fanny pack." And will the collection's most unlikely muse, possibly still handing out worksheets somewhere in L.A., be informed of her part in it? Jones wrinkles her nose; clearly that's a no.

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