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Is it just us, or does anyone else get ticked off by those articles that tell you what beauty products to splurge on and what to cheap out on? Maybe we're being overly sensitive, but we don't appreciate being made to feel guilty for our love of pricey cleansers. We'll spend our hard-earned cash on whatever we damn well please, thank you very much.

Just as beauty is not one size fits all, so are spending habits unique to each girl. Maybe your skin does just fine with a drugstore moisturizer, but your lashes revolt if you give them anything but that expensive department-store mascara. There's no "right" category to splurge on because everyone values something different in the beauty realm. Nor is every girl working with the same bank balance - what seems exorbitant to one is a justifiable expense to another.

With that in mind, we've gathered up a whopping90 of the best beauty products for literally every budget. In the following slides, you'll find our picks for the best of the best in each product category, sorted out into the low-, mid-, and luxury-price ranges. What you won't find is us shaming you into using a less fancy shampoo because "you're just washing your cash down the drain." You worked hard for your money, so spend it on whatever makes you happiest.

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