All I want for Christmas is a... Prince George doll?

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A German toy company has released what appears to be a lifesize Prince George doll, just in time for the holiday season. The doll, with its slightly scary eyes that pierce your soul, can be yours for a not-so-modest £47.99 ($77.00).

The George doll comes complete with a Union Jack onesie and a regal-looking gold patterned pacifier. The company, Zapf Creation, claims that this doll isn't intended to be a Prince George look-a-like. In a statement, a spokesman said "this isn't specifically 'Royal Baby George' doll, rather an addition to the Baby Annabell Brother range, named George." Oh, okay. They go on to say that the doll is just a reflection of the popularity of the name George (ahem, caused by one particular 3-month-old...) and say that the "royal doll" wears a "regal-themed outfit." All very Princely words, in our opinion.

The defense of the doll not being based upon the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is likely because of the strict rules of the Lord Chamberlain's Office against any manufacturer capitalizing on the birth of Prince George. It has been noted, however, that the doll (which in most ways is identical to the company's other dolls) is £10 more expensive. (Daily Mirror)

We can't help but wonder what Kate and William would say if they saw this lifesize replica of their newborn son. We imagine Kate's reaction might be similar to April of this year, when she was faced with herself in doll form.

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In fairness, that thing is terrifying.

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