Is Prince Harry teaching Kate Middleton how to fly planes?

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At yesterday's London Poppy Day festivities, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out to support fundraising efforts in advance of Sunday's Remembrance Day. When meeting supporters, volunteers and military personnel, Kate spoke with a few army pilots. The Duchess set off a flurry of rumors when she told the pilots that she's taken a few lessons to fly a plane.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate said to the RAF officers: "my grandfather few planes. I've had a few lessons on fixed wing." And since we know that William was a helicopter pilot, and that Prince Harry knows how to fly fixed wing air crafts, many were then wondering if her brother-in-law was her instructor. Can you imagine? It's actually a bit terrifying... not that we doubt Harry's skills!

Kate's been a busy lady as of late, especially if she's adding flight lessons into the mix. Many have commented on the appearance of a few gray hairs on the Duchess's head yesterday -- gasp! She's human! -- which is a common occurrence among new mothers. Experts have noted that many new mothers experience changes with their hair, whether it's color or texture, post-pregnancy, and also that many who choose to breastfeed do not want to use hair dye during that time. Regardless of the reasons, we were more distracted by Kate's new middle part! While she hasn't changed her look much over the last 5 years, she definitely favored a side part before.

So will we be seeing Kate behind the controls of a plane any time soon? Probably not, but it's no surprise that she's interested in learning. After all, Kate and William both have the skies in their genes: Kate's mother was at one time an airline hostess, and her father a dispatcher for British Airways. Her grandfather, the late Peter Middleton, was a RAF pilot and she is said to have been very close to him. Kate's grandfather actually made the family's first "direct royal connection" when he flew with the Duke of Edinburgh as his First Officer on a two-month flying tour of South America. On the 49 flights that Prince Philip piloted, Middleton was often by his side. And of course, both William and Harry have taken to the skies in their military professions. (Daily Mail)

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