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Jennifer Lawrence shows off dramatically short new pixie haircut

We're all about trying new things with our hair: bobs, braids, buns, various other things starting with the letter b. But this... this, we just aren't sure about.

Jennifer Lawrence, or more likely Jennifer Lawrence's people, posted a Facebook photo late Wednesday morning of the actress and face of Dior sitting on an airplane with a newly shorn 'do. Only it isn't your typical Karlie cut that the fashion crowd has been so fond of in recent times - instead, Lawrence went straight up mid-aughts Kate Gosselin on us. It's a far cry from the polished shoulder-length tresses she's been sporting of late and we don't quite know what to think.

We're willing to cut her some slack for now: Everyone knows it can take a little while to learn how to style a new haircut. Remember what a shock it was when Emma Watson first went short, and the many iterations of Miley Cyrus's pixie? And we appreciate Lawrence's boldness, bucking the usual Hollywood soft wave club for a spunky cut.

Then there's the possibility that the 23-year-old is just fooling around with a wig - the basis of this theory being that once, several years ago, Jessica Simpson tricked the universe into thinking she'd chopped off all her hair by posting a photo of herself in a wig... also on an airplane.

Click through the gallery above to check out more pictures of Jennifer Lawrence's new short 'do!

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