Prince George tops another "fashion trendsetter" list -- yes, really!

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He may be just 3 months old, but little Prince George is already a huge force in the fashion world! The newborn's influence extends globally, as his swaddling blankets and christening gown look-alikes have sold out everywhere as soon as he debuted them!

There's no doubt that Kate Middleton is a total fashion icon, but her newborn son Prince George was named one of the most influential fashion trendsetters in the United Kingdom for 2013. Why, you ask? Even though his public appearances have been sparse since his July birth, every time he wears a garment out, it immediately sells out! A trend list, based on celebs with the most widely copied looks, puts George's baby fashions in the same sphere as pop stars and supermodels!

Prince George Fashion Icon: Newborn Tops UK's Influential Fashion Figures List

Here's another reason why Prince George is no average baby: the future king isn't just a royal, his princely fashion sense is already setting global trends.

According to a report by department store John Lewis, Prince George's swaddle blankets sold out immediately after he was spotted in a cute bird blanket when he left the hospital on July 23, after his birth a day earlier! The store saw a 600% increase in sales, according to The Mirror.

Prince George: Influential Fashion Icon

Prince George is in good company! Other top trendsetters in this report include Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles, and Alexa Chung.

Though pop culture figures have a huge sway in the market, researchers were surprised to see that even unconventional figures - like a newborn! - can have similar influence. "While we all know that fashionistas can influence the products that people buy, what this shows is that other individuals who capture the nations' imagination can have the same effect," Paula Nickolds, buying and brand director at John Lewis said.

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