Blake Lively to be the new face of L'Oréal Paris!

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BIG beauty news: Blake Lively will be the next face of L'Oréal Paris, ending her hiatus from the limelight (to enjoy married life with husband Ryan Reynolds). The newlyweds are living in upstate New York, and it seems Blake's quiet life is about to get a lot busier.

On the tails of an announcement that she'll be returning to the big screen in the film The Age of Adaline, she has now signed a multimillion dollar deal with the huge beauty brand to star in next year's ad campaign.

Lively joins the ranks of other L'Oréal spokesmodels Beyonce, Julianne Moore, Lea Michele and Jennifer Lopez. Quite the lineup, and we think Blake fits right in!

Check out Blake's best looks, above!

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