Happy birthday Katy! Katy Perry's candy-colored hair transformation

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Happy birthday Katy! From "I Kissed a Girl" to "Firework," pop singer Katy Perry has remained our "Teenage Dream" with her happy-go-lucky sense of whimsical style that never fails to have a dash of potent sexiness. We're constantly taking inspiration from Katy's style. She turns 29 today.

The songstress always opts for a bold pop of color with her hair, whether it be electric blue, bleach blonde, or her signature dark black with a hint of glittery purple.

While some of us shy away from rocking bright colors in our daily lives, Perry isn't afraid to wear bright blue on the stage or the red carpet, living every day as if she's headlining her very own Katy-Cats music festival. We love that she'll match her dress to her hair (literally) and that she keeps it fun -- as though she's constantly "Waking Up in Vegas."

From blonde to brunette and from sultry to adorable, click through the gallery and check out pop sensation Katy Perry's candy-colored hair transformation.

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