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Meet the blogger behind Look Linger Love

Over here at StyleList, our network of bloggers is growing rapidly, and we can't help but want to brag about our newest additions.

Today's contributor joins us all the way from Charleston, South Carolina where she's quite possibly the city's most adorable style blogger (maybe we're a little biased). Chassity's style is feminine, but don't assume she's your typical Southern Belle. We love the hints of vintage and edge found in Chassity's personal style and on Look Linger Love, and we think you will too.

"I was an avid blog reader for probably two years, and i finally just decided there wasn't a really good blog voice for Charleston (or there wasn't at that time), and I decided I had something I could contribute. I was staying home with Lily,and she was about to turn one, and I just kinda went for it and took it seriously from the very get-go. I never knew what it would lead to, but it's been pretty awesome.

My overall style could best be described as feminine. I like to put a little edge to it because I'm not that feminine, Southern dresser -- I'm not that girl, but I definitely am into more feminine detail. My favorite places to shop are Shopbop, J. Crew -- I don't know how you could be our age and not love J.Crew. MGSM is by far my favorite brand -- I love everything they turn out.

I love alliteration, so that was part of it (naming the blog). I sat there and thought about what I really wanted the blog to be, and I wanted to be able to write about anything that I'm loving, anything I find that I'm loving and I that I can share. That really explains it -- what I'm looking at and what I'm loving."

To see some of Chassity's street style shots, click through the gallery!

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