The art of colorblocking

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Colorblocking, or the act of wearing multiple solid-colored pieces in one outfit and having them all look amazing together, is an idea that's been around for awhile.

Somehow, however, the trend almost always manages to feel new and fresh -- perhaps because of the endless possibilities there are when it comes to mixing and matching different hues.

And speaking of endless color possibilities, Motorola teamed up with our network of style bloggers to celebrate the many colorful options available for Moto X, a new Motorola-designed smartphone. While tech devices kind of have to be more about function than they are about fashion, the Moto X is staying one step ahead in the style game, by allowing the customers to design their own unique phone via an array of gorgeous color options.

Our bloggers were challenged with bringing this sartorially advanced DIY feature to life, by styling an outfit based off the colors they'd choose for their own Moto X phone. If this doesn't get you excited for the season's hottest phone, you'll at least know how to rock one of fall's hottest trend -- the colorblock.

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