How to pick the perfect costume for your kids

By: Dr. Karen Latimer
My three year old son wants to be Zuma for Halloween. Don't know what that is? You're not alone.

At first I thought he wanted to be a 1990's clear malt beverage, but turns out, Zuma is a character on Paw Patrol, a new show by Nick Jr. I have already filed a formal complaint with the Nickelodeon company.

How can you launch a new show about super puppies a couple of months before Halloween and not sell the costume? How am I going to make him into a chocolate Labrador with an orange water suit who rides a hovercraft? Yes, he wants the hovercraft as well. While it is adorable he thinks I am capable of constructing this costume, the pressure is getting to me. I have started a full-blown Superman campaign, complete with paraphernalia and marketing materials. They sell Superman at Party City for about $30. Superman is SO much cooler than Zuma, right?!?

This Halloween, while trying to find the perfect costume for your son or daughter make sure you consider a few key factors that will help make you Halloween the most successful yet.

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