Kate Middleton went antiquing and asked for... a discount?!

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According to the owner of the Old Stables Antiques shop in Norfolk, when a very pregnant Duchess of Cambridge stopped in to do a little shopping(she does have quite the "apartment" to decorate, after all) she asked her for a discount. Yes, a discount! How preposterous.

Well, we guess they don't call her Thrifty Kate across the pond for no reason! The owner, Caroline Combe, said that Kate haggled over the bill while William stayed in the car looking "bored stiff" -- as most husbands do while their wife shops. "Kate came in when quite pregnant," she told Tatler, "Such thin legs in her wellies. She was looking at various things and asked for a discount."

But like, a Princess discount? A built-in credit for being a Duchess? Or maybe just your run-of-the-mill antique haggling? To be determined, but since Combe said she indeed gave Kate the discount ("of course! ... I love her for asking.") we expect there wasn't any high-brow "I won't pay because I'm royal" nonsense going on.

So there you have it, Kate and William are continuing to show the world they're a normal couple -- well, as normal as a Duke and Duchess can be. She shops, haggles, he sits in the car, bored out of his mind. How positively mundane of them! (Daily Mirror)

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