Petite women now have a shopping site just for them!

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It's hard to believe that more than half the female population are considered petite. Being petite means you are 5'4" or under. If you break it down even further, 27% of women are between 5'3"-5'4," 15% of women are between 5'1"-5'2," and 7% of women are between 4'10"-5'0."

Caroline Alvo is one of those women. In fact, Caroline is a part of the 7%, she's 4'9" and like most petite women, struggled to find clothes that fit. "I speak with my tailor more than I speak with my own mother," Caroline remarked when we spoke to her. "It was impossible to find clothing that didn't require a tailor so I decided one day to start a website that sold clothing specifically for petite women."

Gambita is Caroline's vision. Gambita literally means "little shrimp" in Spanish. Caroline got this nickname from her husband. The entire site sells clothing from vendors that create clothing that are not only stylish but will fit the petite frame of women who are used to shopping in the kids section.

Check out Gambita for yourself to see a the story, the clothes, and more all aimed at helping more than fifty million women.

We asked Caroline to share a few of her favorite pieces found on Gambita and why they their fit can make all the difference. Click through the gallery above to see all nine!
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