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How this 63-year-old model stays gorgeous

Youth is wonderful while it lasts, but the older we get, the more we get a not-so-sneaking suspicion that life just gets better as it goes on. Then we met Cindy Joseph, a 63-year-old model whose joie de vivre is nothing short of inspiring - and our theory was proven correct. This is one woman who has that whole inner-outer beauty thing down.

A former makeup artist who worked in New York and Paris, Joseph is a beauty-industry veteran in her own right. Then, after being scouted for a Dolce & Gabbana campaign at age 49, an unexpected career in modeling took off. Since then, she's posed for the likes of Anthropologie, J.Crew, Shopbop, Elizabeth Arden, Aveda, and magazines galore. But, there's more to Joseph than her timeless looks. Fed up with the idea that gray hair and wrinkles are flaws to be hidden, she founded Boom!, a line of natural cosmetics with a "pro-age" (versus anti-aging) bent. Refreshing, much?

How to look gorgeous at EVERY age

And, while we're all about embracing beauty at every age, we did have to ask Joseph how she stays so stunning. (Admit it - you want to know, too.) Read on for Joseph's thoughts on looking good, feeling great, and finding purpose in life. We just hope to be half as cool in our 60s...and beyond.

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Credit: Photographed by Atisha Paulson, Courtesy of Refinery 29

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