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Blogger sessions: Get to know Ivory Lane, the newest StyleList contributor

Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane is the latest style blogger to join the StyleList contributor network. The Utah-based 24-year-old (and mom to adorable 2-year-old daughter Capri), has a sophisticated, classic sensibility, but isn't afraid to throw a few trendy pieces into the mix. We sat down with Emily to get the inside scoop on her personal style and life as a blogger.

StyleList: How did you enter the world of blogging?
Emily Jackson: I've always loved fashion and style, and I have a sister who has a fashion blog, Pink Peonies. Growing up, we would always go shopping together. I started my blog as a family blog a couple of years ago, and it evolved into doing fashion and style because I would get e-mails from readers asking what I was wearing.

SL: What's been your favorite part of being a blogger?
EJ: I think meeting so many new people and making friends in the blogging community, including StyleList. It's a fun world.

SL: Have there been any challenges along the way?
EJ: Putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to criticism -- it's hard, but you just have to ignore it. It just comes with the territory.

SL: Tell us more about your personal style.
EJ: I'm pretty classic. I love those classic pieces, but I like to mix them more with the trendy pieces as well. I'm in love with Olivia Palermo -- she's amazing. Right now I love Milly, Rebecca Taylor, and I love the contemporary departments at Nordstrom and Saks. I love Vince.

SL: Where do you get your inspiration?
EJ: I get my inspiration anywhere -- it could be nature, it could be Pinterest!

SL: Who are the bloggers you admire?
EJ: I love Wendy's Lookbook. I love the videos she does. I love Atlantic-Pacific, and I love my sister's blog.

Click through the gallery to see some of our favorite looks from Emily!

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