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Style throwback: NSYNC's best moments

In case you haven't heard, there are rumors floating around that because Justin Timberlake will be receiving the Vanguard Award at this weekend's VMAs, NSYNC may reunite for a performance on stage.

We KNOW we're not alone when that news left us hoping, wishing, BEGGING that it was true. We fully got launched back into fangirl mode, but we're not complaining.

They've been tearin' up our hearts these past years that they've spent apart, and we can't stop discussing how epic it would be if they indeed performed. Which of our favorite songs might they choose? "It's Gonna Be Me" (bringing back the puppet dancing)? Or maybe "Bye Bye Bye"? We're putting in a vote for that one because we know the dance... still.

Okay enough gushing, just take a look at the style throwback this week. Obviously it's a look back at the boys in their finest moments!

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