Price adjustments: The all-in guide to getting your money back

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Some of you will probably roll your eyes at my amateur-ness, but I have something to admit: I didn't know what a price adjustment was until last year. Before that, I thought the only thing to do when you saw that red satchel or sequin pencil skirt you bought three days ago marked down 40 percent was just to swallow your bad timing and move on. But it's not.

So for those of you who don't know-I feel like I'm passing The Wire or Harry Potter to someone uninitiated-you can often get a price adjustment, where a store will refund the difference between what you paid and the new sale price, if you bought the thing super-recently. It makes so much sense, but I just didn't realize companies would do that because maybe I'm a cynic and didn't think the world played that fair.

The policies vary, with some companies opting out entirely, but it's worth noting which ones do it and how. That way you'll know how long afterwards to watch the pricing of something you just bought (a smart precaution, in case it does go on sale and you can get money back). Or maybe before you shop, you'll see that something's available at two stores and one will do adjustments but the other won't, which might steer your hand (and credit card). So above I've rounded up a thorough guide to the policies from some of our favorite places; with over two dozen stores and sites in there, even seasoned price adjustment veterans might learn something new.

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