How to get your daughter to wear sneakers

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By: Dr. Karen Latimer

Many schools, especially those instructing young children, have instituted a ban on open-toed shoes, and most request sneakers. The rationale for the ban is a good one. Children are inherently clumsy. Open toed shoes increase the potential for injury on the playground and within the building. Stubbed toes, twisted ankles, trips up or down the stairs and full speed collisions have a better chance of being avoided in sensible shoes.

However, the knowledge that the rule is a responsible one, does not help ease the morning pain for a mom or dad trying to get their little princess to take off her fabulous dress up shoes and don a pair of "boring, stupid, ugly shoes that really only boys are supposed to wear." (That's a direct quote.) For lots of parents, getting their children dressed in the morning is akin to an Amazing Race Challenge, complete with slinging mud, tears and exhaustion. It can lead even the most reasonable adult to curse dress-code regulations. "To hell with safety, get this kid out of the house ... glass slippers it is!"

If you have a short prima donna in your family, plan ahead and avoid the frustration.

Click through the gallery above to see a few tricks of the trade.

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