Handmade skin care --- it can be done!

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We know, we know: Making your own skin care products is one of those "good in theory, pain-in-the-ass in practice" things. There's just no way you can make your own moisturizer - or, at least one you're going to actually want to put on your face - at home, right? Not so, according to the lovely Adina Grigore, founder and chief formulator for S.W. Basics. Grigore, a certified holistic counselor, started her line in her kitchen as a solution to her super-sensitive skin. She developed all of the products and formulations herself and absolutely swears by the DIY beauty product method.

"There are so many benefits to making your own skin care products," she says. "You spend less money, get more product, and above all else, you are the one in control. ... I spent my entire life covered in rashes, breakouts, and insane reactions to products. I thought I just had bad skin, and that I would have it forever. You have the power to take the health and beauty of your skin into your own hands. It's incredibly empowering. "

Again, that all sounds great, but how does a complete novice go about whipping up products in their less-than-gourmet kitchen? Never fear, because we got Grigore to spill her secrets. From where to source your ingredients to the best way to bottle them, read on for her step-by-step recipes for making your own cleanser, toner, mask, and moisturizer.

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