I know what guys like: Lingerie ideas for every budget

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Let's stop talking about "what guys like" for a second and focus on something more important: lingerie ideas at all price-points. (I promise you he won't know the difference.)

My personal love-affair with lingerie began at an early age and, in my book, cotton-panty briefs neednever apply. There's something to be said of slipping into a matching lacy bra and thong (or mix-and-matching, whatever makes you feel best) to start your day-or night. And when it comes down to sexy lingerie versus cute pajamas for bed, I pick sexy lingerie every time-even if the only thing I'll be cuddling that night is my pooch.

But there is lingerie for every style personality and the most expensive lingerie isn't necessarily alwaysthe best. Sure, there's something exciting about splurging on some Agent Provocateur and Kiki de Montparnasse when your budget allows, but is it really worth it?

Wedding night lingerie is one thing, but otherwise, as with all facets of fashion, it's about the art of mixing the high with the low. If you're going to splurge, I would suggest investing in pieces you'll get some mileage out of-such as a quality black lace bra.

I'm sure you're now wondering how to wear lingerie at all price points, and since all affordable lingerie is not created equal, we've taken out the legwork for you and rounded up a selection of high vs. low lingerie ideas that work for all budgets.

And for the record, what guys like is confidence. So treat yourself to something special so that you look and feel your best-and remember, the best lingerie isn't always the most expensive.

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