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Sultry: Attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature. But, what does that really mean when it comes to style and beauty? Before Angelina Jolie melted hearts with her dusky long locks and sweltering style, the likes of Dorothy Lamour and Bianca Jagger wrote the book on sultry. Fearless fashion choices and seductively styled manes of the '40s-'70s celebrities paved the path for the Mila Kunises and Megan Foxes of this generation.

Let's get one thing straight, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are the co-queens of sultry style. From their lusciously curled locks to their form-fitting fashion all the way down to their perfectly manicured nails, they lived and breathed seductive sass. Exuding their passionate fashion goes far beyond closet picks, though. It's not the slinky, jaw-dropping clothing items that'll give off Brigitte Bardot. Attitude is everything. Think of taking all the boldness of punk style and channeling it into chic confidence that makes for Dorothy Dandridge natural beauty. These celebrities won the hearts of moviegoers, style critics--and a few men along the way!--as they tested the boundaries of movie roles, all the while owning their sexuality in style.

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