Ready, set, go: celebrity makeup artist Landy Dean's 5 minute face

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We're no strangers to 5–minute makeup, the beauty equivalent of a race you may not want to run, but somehow end up participating in anyway. And we've seen many YouTubers take a shot at the challenge on camera, some effortlessly speeding through a full face of makeup with seconds to spare (how do they do it?), others barely getting their base done in the allotted time.

None of the above answers the most vital question, though: what would a makeup artist's 5–minute routine look like? To answer it, we enlisted the services of celebrity makeup artist Landy Dean of Marie Robinson Salon, who put together a handy makeup guide for those inevitably rushed mornings. And just as we'd hoped, he had plenty of tips to share, starting with the rare concealer that works equally well for undereyes as it does for blemishes.

The list only got better from there, as he taught us how to do our base in almost no time. "Use the Too Faced BB cream," he instructed, "If your face is lighter than your body, choose a deeper shade to sync your face and chest, and blend onto your neck if needed. It's oil–free, so you can even skip the powder." And if you're attempting to define your lashes in a hurry? "Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara," he says, "You can use the small brush to get right to the base of the upper and lower lashes, then volumize your upper lashes with the medium brush."

After many mornings attempting to navigate a full–sized wand around our lower lashes, we can assure you that his method is the better one. So grab your pen and start taking notes, because this is one tutorial you need to make time for.

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