In honor of Shark Week: Our favorite wardrobe pieces with a bite

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Shark Week is officially here! We know quite a few people who are literally obsessed with it -- they wait and wait until it finally arrives. And what's more important than getting ready for your favorite programming with some cute(or, well... scary) accessories?

The truth of the matter is that shark-inspired accessories and clothes are very trendy right now, so whether you love the science and gore of Shark Week or have been terrified of the creatures since the moment you saw Jaws, it's still likely a piece in this selects will snap you right up.

Our favorites are the simple pink-tinged tooth ring (and no, we're not talking about Ke$ha's human teeth) and the super cute shark Toms, but you'll have to take a look and make your own choice! Click through the gallery above to see our favorite picks that come with a bite.
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