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Sometimes, we eat up fashion and beauty trends for breakfast like a growing teenage boy. Ravenous with style to say the least. Then, other times, we show a little self-control and go on an 'up-to-date' diet. There's a fridge full of fashionable trends this season but we're getting snazzy and selective with these 9 trend spotting beauty looks.

We're craving vivid color - and lots of it. Summer's end doesn't mean the sun's setting on our fun with bold brights. Balance that hunger for this season's androgynous trend with sensational lip stains and rich eye shadow hues. Keep it skinny and sleek with bold liquid liner and tailored blazers that transition well no matter the weather. Indulge in this menu of must-have items ready to feed all of your stylish hankerings.

Click the gallery above to see our nine favorite trend spotting beauty looks.

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