The best jeans for your body type

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Finding that perfect pair of jeans is like the holy grail of shopping legends. Sure, we've heard about women who have managed to buy a jeans that they love and look amazing in. But sadly, every shopping trip isn't a success.

If you're on the search for the best fitting jeans, the first step is to stop worrying about the denim trends. Certainly, there's no point in wearing this season's silhouette if it doesn't flatter your shape.

Speaking of your shape, I've talked before about the best dresses for your body type. A-line is best for the pear-shaped woman, something cut on the bias for the curvy girl, and so on. But while dresses provide you an opportunity to cover up your less desirable areas, jeans don't provide that kind of camouflage. This means you have to really hone in on your body type, own up to the good and bad parts, and focus on the fit that is right for you.

I realize that entire last sentence was scary enough to send you on an anti-pants spree. But as much as we try, shopping for jeans can't be avoided. (I spent a couple of years doing exactly that. And let's just say, I was the awkward one in a dress at the sports bar.)

To ease the pain of finding the right jeans for your body type, I've put together a guide to the best fitting jeans for every shape. From a wide-legged style perfect for the woman with an athletic build to the printed pair only the tall girl can confidently pull off, we've found the most flattering jeans for you.

Click through the slideshow above to shop our suggestions and give yourself a new reason to go casual.

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