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Summer sandals worth the splurge

August is the perfect time to grab that pair of sandals you've been eyeing since the start of summer. Think SALES, SALES, SALES!!! Whether it's a pair of gladiator sandals or classic leather sandals, investing now for next year is a wise (and fashionable) decision.

Here at StyleList, we are always looking to justify a splurge which is why we like to break things down by the numbers.

Here is our equation:
1) A pair of sandals costs $100.00
2) There are roughly 90 days of summer (12 weeks)
3) If we wear our 'gotta have them' sandals 3 times a week for the entire summer, they would cost $2.77 per wear.

If you think this is too hard to figure out, we've picked our favorite sandal splurges and have done the math for you! Click on the gallery above to see all of our hard work.

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