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9 Summer Statement Necklaces We Want Right Now

‚Äč With summer in full swing, the last thing we want to do is weigh a light and breezy outfit down with lots of clunky, gaudy accessories.

We could never forgo jewelry altogether, so we've come up with the perfect solution -- a bold statement necklace made from light materials like glass and beads.

Needless to say, bright, vivid colors are imperative for the overall summery effect of your statement necklace. Right now, we're loving mint, coral, turquoise, and yellow, but it's really up to you -- if hot pink is your thing, go for it! We do,however, recommend setting the deeper jewel tones aside for now, as there will be plenty of time to revisit them this fall.

To see the statement necklaces we're coveting right now, click through the gallery! Warning: some of these finds just so happen to be on sale...

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