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Beat the Heat with Our 10 Favorite Face Mists

Last week, it almost hit 100 degrees in New York. We repeat: ONE HUNDRED DEGREES. Short of running through an open fire hydrant or walking really close to stores in the hopes that someone will open the door and blast you with some AC at the exact moment you walk by, it's hard to stay cool in a heat wave like the one that just plagued the East Coast.

Luckily the beauty industry has a cure for your overheated, red, stressed out, sweaty face: Face mists. We've long been fans of these refreshing spritzes, and if you haven't yet tried one, now is definitely the time.

These little wonders are more than just fancy water spritzes–they often contain witch hazel (which gives you that pore tightening feeling and is known to calm irritated skin) as well as hydrating agents and anti-oxidants. Think of it as skin care in a really refreshing delivery system. You can also store it in the refrigerator for an added cooling bonus. And important application technique: Don't wipe it off after you spritz. Let it sit and evaporate–it will cool you off and leave all the good ingredients on your skin, as well as help to set your makeup.

Click through for our 10 favorite mists (and check out a DIY version right this way). (Now if only the beauty industry could work on something to combat that famous NYC summer sidewalk stench and to neutralize the weird stuff that randomly drips on your head when you walk near buildings.)

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