How Much Would Tai's 'Clueless' Makeover Really Cost?

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The teen-movie makeover is a time-honored tradition, representing a turning point for many coming-of-age films: The ugly duckling finds someone with a vision, the worldly friend teases out the latent coolness hidden deep within the dweeb, and voila! Everyone learns a lesson about self-acceptance. Or something. But in reality, it isn't that easy...or, cheap.

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Critics may say that the ultimate makeover in Clueless was the movie itself, since the film is a remake of the literary classic Emma by Jane Austen. As if! Trust, there's nothing quite as remarkable as Tai's epic makeover, but this is no ordinary job. We know Tai got the cream of the crop when it came to products, services, and Cher-approved advice. But we can't help but wonder how much it must've cost. Ahead, we've broken down Tai's transformation to see just what would go into such a dramatic makeover, and reveal getting all Cher'd out may be just for the teenage one-percent. And don't forget the final touch on any transformation: "Reading one non-school book a week."

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