Keep Your Home Breezy on a Budget - Savings Experiment

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Savings Experiment: Keep Your Home Breezy on a Budget
As the summer heat rises, so too will your energy bills, which is why it helps to find alternatives to air conditioning. Here are a few tips on how to save on cooling your home.

First, maximize the cross breeze. Simply open two opposing windows or doors and place a fan at each opening. Make sure one of the fans is facing outward, and you'll be able to get the fresh air circulating, while keeping temperatures down.

Another way to cut the cost of air conditioning is to make your own. To create a DIY A/C, place one or more frozen 2-liter bottles of water in front of a fan. The chilled water will cool the air while keeping your costs low. The bottles of water can be refrozen every night, too.

Finally, think about switching out your incandescent light bulbs for fluorescent or LED bulbs. They emit up to 75 percent less heat and energy than regular light bulbs, and are better for the environment.

fanSo, if you're looking to cool your home for less, try one or more of these tips. They're eco-friendly and cost-effective, which amounts to easy savings.

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