To Buckingham Palace born: A royal baby photo album

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With the Duchess of Cambridge's rumored July 13 due date just passed, the countdown to the royal birth has officially begun. In London, paparazzi are vying for spots outside of St. Mary's Hospital where the Duke and Duchess have reserved their private delivery suite while bookkeepers are placing bets on everything from the baby's gender (odds favor a girl) to hair color (our money's on Kate's rich chestnut hue). High street shops are also fueling the fanfare, stocking their shelves with commemorative souvenirs including mugs, dish towels, and coins. There's even an illustrated children's book entitled Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby wherein noisy palace guards and the Queen's barking corgis conspire to prevent the newborn from sleeping.

Of course, while such hullabaloo might suggest the contrary, this is hardly the first House of Windsor tot bound for Buckingham Palace (it's just been a while). Here, we take a look at the family's past bundles of joys, from a cherubic Prince William to a precocious Queen Elizabeth.

Dare we say, it's a royally cute bunch.

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