The Latest Anti-Aging Secret is a Slimy One

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Serious question: would you ever let snails crawl across your face in the name of beauty? Well a salon in Tokyo has just launched its newest anti-aging treatment, which involves just that: live snails.

The Japanese salon, Tokyo's Clinical Salon, isn't really doing anything too new: snail secretions have been used for beauty for thousands of years, but their new facial treatment is aimed to get the benefits right from the source. Snail mucus contains hyularonic acid, proteins and antioxidants, all of which are beneficial to the skin.

The facial, which runs up a tab of over $300, is meant to enhance your natural glow, because the mucus helps skin retain moisture and soothes inflammation. The salon's sales manager explains that it is effective in the recovery of skin cells, healing damaged skin and possibly even helping skin that has been damaged by UV radiation.

The "Celebrity Escargot Course" is a 60-minute facial in which the esthetician cleans the client's face, then places snails on her cheeks and forehead. It also includes facial massages and masks, as well as an electrical pulse machine. Anything to try to reach that fountain of youth, right?!

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