Royal Baby Rumors Abound: Is Kate in Labor?!

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With how fast news travels in our digital age, it's no surprise that the Royal Baby frenzy is seriously picking up.

The Twitter rumor mill went bananas yesterday, when an emergency helicopter landed at Kensington Palace(false alarm, of course -- not related to Kate!), and it's happening all over again today. With Kate Middleton's due date looming, reporters from around the world have gathered in London and are sitting outside St. Mary's Hospital.

Interestingly enough, even with the entire world's eye on Kate and her bump, we're hearing that the royal family was able to sneak the mum-to-be into the hospital on Monday for a check up! How is it possible we didn't know about it, you ask? According to sources, there are so many ways into the Lindo wing where she's expected to give birth, that it would be easy for her to slip in and out while the world had no clue.

Fueling today's rumors, the helicopter that Prince William has had on standby at his Anglesey home to whisk him to Kate's side has left the home, according to E! News. Does this mean Kate is having the baby?? Not necessarily! It's possible the helicopter has just been moved, or that he's on his way to join her. We've been told that the hospital will send a press release when the Duchess has arrived, and the security around the hospital will reflect her presence. On top of that, the Mirror is reporting that Buckingham Palace denied the rumors of Kate's labor earlier today.

So here's what we know: it will be any day now (any moment, really!) and we're all just very excited. When the baby is born, an announcement will be placed outside of the hospital on an easel, letting the world know. We'll be watching and waiting, and be sure to keep you posted.

In the meantime, let's just look at photos of Kate being one of the prettiest pregnant women we know! Plus, vote below: do you think William and Kate will be having a boy or a girl?

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