Kate and William to Take Royal Baby on Tour in 2014

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With all the anticipation for the newest royal Heir's arrival, those in Australia and New Zealand can rejoice: for they'll get to see the royal baby this coming Spring.

It's just been announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William will take their royal baby on tour of the two countries in Spring 2014, just like Princess Diana did with William when he was 9 months old. Kate is finally in labor, after much anticipation, and we're expecting the royal bundle any moment.

When she gives birth, the announcement will be made the official -- and royal -- way: on an easel placed outside of Buckingham Palace after the royal family has been notified. Though, as Kate and Wills are the royals of our generation, the announcement will soon follow on Twitter as well! The Duke and Duchess know that this is a time of national celebration for Great Britain, and are willing to let the world share in their happiness at the birth of their first child.

It was recently confirmed by palace officials that the royal baby's title will be His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge. Quite a mouthful!

Once the baby is here, Kate will travel between London and her family's home in Berkshire for six weeks, while William takes two weeks for paternity leave. In September, the new family will move officially to London, into Kensington Palace.

While you wait with bated breath for the announcement that a new Royal is among us (and whether it's a boy or a girl!), take a look through Kate's pregnancy style, above. And give us your best guess at the baby's details for your chance to win a spa day on us!

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