The Products Beauty Editors Actually Spend Money On

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One of the perks of being a beauty editor is that you get to try the best new beauty products out there–for free. As the years in the business add up, so too do the products. Depending on how long she's been at it, any given beauty editor has tried probably thousands of beauty items–from face cleansers to vibrating mascara wands.

That said, most beauty editors don't abuse their privileges and call in products for their personal use. When they really love a product and want to use it again, they have to go out and buy it just like everyone else. So when an editor chooses to drop some cash on a favorite beauty product–instead of using one of the 30 similar iterations sitting in her office–you can be pretty darn sure it's worth it. With that in mind, we reached out to a group of beauty editor friends to get their must-have picks and the reasons they love them.

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