Workout Plan: Ashley Tisdale Inspires Colorful Gym Wear

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When dressing for a workout, the first instinct is to throw on all black. It's proven to create a slimming effect. It's super easy to throw on when half-asleep at six in the morning. Plus, black is always a chic choice, right? When it comes to gym wear, however, black isn't your best friend.

Wearing black actually makes you hotter because it absorbs the heat from the sun. As you try to push the limits in your exercise during your workout, dark colors will make it that much harder to finish the reps. We're taking style cues from the Disney star, actress and singer, Ashley Tisdale on best workout wear practices. Ashley's workout looks incorporate bright pastels and neons when it's time to exercise. Her free-flowing vivid graphic tanks and fitted hoodies keep her look upbeat and help to reflect the sun. This allows for a cooler experience while you burn calories instead of burning up in the sun.

Bright shades aren't just great for outdoor exercise. Touches of vibrant colors help to boost your mood whereas dark colors can have a dispiriting effect. Orange evokes action so go for a neon orange hoodie and sneaker combo inspired by Tisdale to get you amped up for workout mode.

The key to Ashley Tisdale's workout style is the mix of loose tank tops and slim-fitting workout pants. For a balanced look, pair dark workout pants with vibrant sneakers to create a look fit for post-workout streetwear style. Be sure to keep this look for before and after your workout, however, because mixing non-spandex and loose fitting clothes during a workout can create chaffing. It's important not to wear anything extremely tight or overly baggy when working out under the summer heat to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Avoid baggy pants for precautionary steps against getting caught in machines or stuck in sticky situations.

Your gym style should be a reflection of your everyday style. Even though you may feel exhausted, it's easy to look and feel great with a great duffel bag or oversized satchel, a pair of sunglasses and practical yet peppy sneakers.

Check out the gallery for head-to-toe style tips inspired by Ashley Tisdale's gym wear.

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