A Sunny Romance: Summer Beauty Essentials

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Summer is sun and skin's romantic season. The two rendezvous for endless hours during the day and part with such sweet sorrow come sunset. Sun-kissed radiance blushes under the night's sky. Sun and skin undeniably have the hots for each other and we just don't have the heart to get in their way.

We're here to simply chaperone this steamy summer love so no one gets hurt. Keep your skin's beach date with the rays but bring along a little beach spray. This third-wheeler will protect against any sun heartbreak and skin dehydration. While it's troublesome to remember each day, always use protection no matter how long you're going out for. If your skin's impatiently waiting until the next meeting, just spray and go for playtime with the sunshine.

Don't hold your skin back. Support it with regular exfoliating and consistent hydration from great sprays and your water bottle, too! From your hair down to your toes, care for all of skin's needs. Rekindle the flame with daily facial cleanses that moisturize and refresh after a sizzling day out and about. Keep the summer fling steamy with vibrant nail colors, luscious lashes and sultry, sleek hair for a long-lasting summer beauty look.

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