Anna Kournikova's Style Transformation

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Anna Kournikova (who turns 32 on June 7, 2013) was born in Moscow to a father who was a wrestler and mother who was a runner. Clearly, she was predisposed for success in athletics, and spent her youth winning tournament after tournament in tennis. Though she never won a WTA (Women's Tennis Association) title in singles, she left a lasting mark.

Forced to retire at the young age of 21 due to back and spinal issues, Kournikova's fame is primarily centered around her looks and personal life. When she first stepped onto the world's tennis radar -- at the U.S. Open when she was just 15 -- she was immediately noticed for her beauty.

Through the years, she has stuck to a few staples in her style: lots of black and white, and tight-fitting dresses to show off her toned athletic body. From benefits and galas to award shows, this star doesn't just have a home on the tennis court -- but in the spotlight as well.

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