Going Above and Abroad: A Gift Guide For the Traveling Graduate

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Send your graduate off into the world with all of the essentials they'll need to conquer and explore what lies ahead. Their final destination may be unknown, but what's in their backpack doesn't have to be. They'll be packing light; nevertheless, they'll be outfitted for wild adventures unaccounted for in their itinerary with this gift guide.

For the traveling graduate, it's inhibition to the wind, past emotions behind them and uh, sometimes, hygiene out of the window. Help them squeeze a few clean agents in their backpack like a refreshing and fragrant dry shampoo or a super lightweight blowdryer for on-the-road beauty. If their post-trip plan is to flaunt some jaw-dropping pictures and selfies (taken with their awesome new camera, of course!) make sure they look stunning in a wrinkle-free shirt designed to withstand a crammed, messy backpack. It truly is the little things that matter for the college graduate going abroad, so gift lightweight, double-duty items able to work in any environment.

We've rounded up some of our favorite graduation gifts for the college alum going abroad. Check out the top 9 best ideas in the gallery above and send your grad off styled and totally safe.
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