How Short Can You Go? Chic Alternatives to Denim Shorts

Denim shorts have long lived in the summer glory. It's redemption time for other short styles to have their moment in the sunlight! Cut-off, high-waisted and only getting shorter as the seasons go by, denim shorts are a no-brainer when the temperature rises. With its various styles voted most popular at music festivals and its '90s grunge feel making a comeback, we can't deny the utility of a good pair of denim shorts.

But, do you ever think to yourself, there's got to be more to style than the everyday favored pick? Indeed, there is! We're here to whisk you away and show you a whole new world of summer shorts to sport. Break out of the denim pack with new takes on this summer's lace and floral trends. Tailoring transcends traditional trousers in the form of fitted shorts both chic and cheery for everyday fun in the sun.

Things have gotten a little 'cheeky' with high-rise denim shorts featuring higher and higher hemlines. We do love short-shorts; however, it's time we set one thing straight. Tailored shorts are sexy, too! Flirty flairs and dainty laces make beach days blush. Pair a high-rise '60s floral fit with cute summer wedges for a vintage feel that'll break hearts on the boardwalk. Satin shorts in a warm summer tone give a classic look able to do just as much damage as a denim pair.

This summer, options for stylish shorts are endless. Feel confident in a pair that stands out from the rest.

Check out our favorite alternatives to the classic denim short.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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