The Spicy Stiletto's Carry-On Beauty Essentials

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Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, Serena of The Spicy Stiletto reveals her airplane beauty essentials.

"I like to think I've matured into a light packer slash traveler. It really takes skill (or just some self control) to resist adding that extra bottle of lotion, skip out on a surplus of underwear, and the shoes. Don't get me started on the shoes.

It was about this time last year when I was traveling throughout Asia and the South Pacific with two massive suitcases filled to point of burst when I realized, less is more. So, I've been challenging myself during most recent trips by bringing only essentials. Which, prior to this less-is-more revelation, meant everything.

So if you've been following me on Insta (or this blog) you know I'm here in St. Lucia at the moment, and managed to pack one carry-on for seven days! Alright, trivial in the grander scheme of things. I'll admit, the travel-size bits really make a difference, but I impressed myself.

Anyways, here's a small glimpse of what's inside the clutch, inside my travel bag.

Click through the gallery to see The Spicy Stiletto's carry-on essentials!

Photo Credit: The Spicy Stiletto
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