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When summer's in full swing, what starts as a trip to grab lunch ends in a day at the park, drinks with the girls, and maybe a rendezvous with a special beau on the dance floor. Anything can happen when the weather's right! But, when you're on the go, your wardrobe's got to keep up with the fast pace, too.

Flip-flops and shorts seem great for a quick shopping trip; however, when a brunch date beckons on the fly, you're going to need some summer must-haves that bring the heat! Instead of lugging around an extra bag of nightlife picks, make your wardrobe work for you. For around-the-clock fashion, the key is to pick statement items with complementary colors, classic shapes, and subtle accents. Sorry, those floral, sequined hot pants will have to stay home!

A pop of color in a clutch is a chic choice no matter where your day takes you. Metallic finishes makes simple style a fashion statement from morning to night. Choose a wedge sandal to balance a day-and-night dolled up look with comfort and class. With a mixture of denim, simple yet stylish tops, and bright accents, you'll never have to visit your closet twice in one day again!

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