The Kate Middleton Effect Strikes Again: This Time it's Handbags

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Since catching the eye of Britain's Prince William, Kate Middleton has been on the entire world's fashion radar. The "Kate Middleton Effect" is a term that has been coined because when the Duchess of Cambridge wears something, it's pretty much guaranteed it will fly off the shelves.

It started with nude pumps, pantyhose, wrap dresses and of course sapphires (thanks to the gorgeous ring from William's mother, Diana). Every designer she supports has seen a drastic increase in sales, and many women believe that if Kate wears it, it's the item to own.

Well the Duchess's influence is striking once again: and this time it is reducing the size of handbags. Kate rarely carries a bag that she wouldn't be able to hold with one hand, and is clearly a supporter of a gorgeous clutch. As a result, designers such as Lulu Guinness are reducing the size of handbags in their next collections.

"Personally I am making my clutch bags smaller next season, so they're more delicate and ladylike, and that's to do with her, I think," Guinness told the Telegraph. She joked that though this makes bags more impractical, design doesn't always succumb to practicality. She added, "[Kate's] very elegant, but she's also got people carrying the things she needs, and a big car waiting for her."

It's true, the Duchess might not need to carry around as many things as the rest of us (we don't know about you, but as much as we love pretty clutches, we also can't live without our big hold-my-entire-life tote bags!) but she sure will have women across the world trying to cram everything into their new tiny bags.

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