Wired Up: Make Your Own Sunglass And Accessory Storage

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By: The Spicy Stiletto

If you ever pay a visit to my apartment, you'll quickly come to realize that I'm a bit hyper-organized (except when it comes to making my bed). So it's only natural that I straighten out every last bit of my wardrobe down to my chonies. But today, I'll stray from giving you a peek inside my intimates and instead, direct you on how to organize one of those seemingly annoying-to-organize wardrobe essentials – sunglasses. Best part about this, is that you can also organize and hang your accessories off the wire too.

Click through the gallery for The Spicy Stiletto's step-by-step instructions for sunglass storage.

And for those of you that don't know what "chonies" are, she's talking about underwear!
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