Beauty Around the World: Traditions and Ideals

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Admit it: you've known someone at one point to do something weird or wacky for beauty. You may have even done something unusual yourself! Everyone has an ideal beauty they're trying to achieve, and that's true for women across the globe.

From the use of bird feces in a facial to inserting metal rods in their legs to be taller, women and men all over the world are willing to do some pretty crazy (and intense) things to feel better about their appearance. Funny thing is, these procedures and techniques aren't weird, at least not to those doing it. Just like you go to a tanning bed (tsk tsk!) or get a spray tan to look darker, some women are using lightening creams for fairer skin. It's all about what you want, and what your ideal beauty is.

Beauty varies country by country, and whether you want to be thin, curvy, fair or tan, you'll find it fascinating to see what the rest of the world is doing. Be forewarned, some of these techniques are extremely unusual, and at times disturbing (leeches, anyone?). Click through the gallery above to see beauty traditions and ideals around the world!

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Sources: The Daily Beast, Oprah Magazine

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