Who Needs a Stylist? The Stars Who Go it Alone

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Some of the leading ladies in Hollywood have decided that they don't want anyone making fashion choices for them. So, stars such as Blake Lively, Marion Cotillard and Emmy Rossum have chosen to be their own stylists.

You've seen them walk the red carpet countless times, and many of the names on this (short) list are frequenters of the "Best Dressed" category. So naturally, it makes it all the more impressive to know they're doing this of their own accord. Blake Lively has been very vocal about not needing a stylist to dress her for big events, because as she told the Huffington Post, her style is "always changing." Blake is constantly switching it up on the red carpet, from the sassy to the sweet, and we love her adventurous spirit when it comes to style.

Marion Cotillard is another star who prefers to choose her own outfits, and she consistently hits it out of the park with elegant and sophisticated choices from designers such as Dior and Zuhair Murad. Diane Kruger has also been very vocal with her opinion on fashion choices, as she got her start as a model. The actress told Vogue UK: "I come from fashion, and who knows better what I like than myself?" We couldn't agree more, and considering Kruger makes stunning choices of the Chanel variety, it's clear she's got taste.

Emmy Rossum and January Jones choose their own looks as well, and while they're not always perfection, they're typically on point. We love Emmy because she mixes affordable pieces from Topshop into a wardrobe consisting of Oscar de la Renta and Jimmy Choo, and she's always taking chances. January has a passion for vintage apparel, and often works with Versace and Lanvin.

We'll leave you with parting words from Diane Kruger to Instyle on why she's glad she's sans-stylist: "What you wear is such an expression of who you are. That's like someone picking out who I'm going to date!"

Click through the gallery above to see these stylish ladies and their fashion choices they've made all on their own.

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