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4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love is embracing the approach of Spring, and we're totally digging these ladies' street style.

As you well know, we all have some wardrobe staples -- the items we literally can't live without -- and we think we've spotted a few from the ladies in Philadelphia. First of all, these girls love the color red. We can't agree more! Whether it's a dress or a fantastic pair of skinnies, we think all women should have a red staple in their closet. After all, it's the color of passion.

Aside from red, these ladies know how to layer like mad. And we think that's a perfect way to combat the chilly days of Spring: throw on an extra sweater, not that big clunky jacket!

Click through the gallery above to see the street style of the fashion-forward ladies of Philly.

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